I am Uriel Hiskin Yuffe, born in Argentina but moved to Israel at the age of 14. I earned a BA in Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, and a Certificate in European Studies from IDC Herzliya. After finishing my studies, I was chosen in 2016 for an internship at the Israeli Mission to the UN (New York, USA). Then, I started working at the Embassy of Mexico in Israel as an Assistant to the Deputy Head of Mission. After two and a half years at the Embassy, I decided to start my own path, organizing business delegations, collaborating with the Israel- Latin America Chamber of Commerce, and searching for new ways to enhance the relationship between Israel and Latin America.

For decades, that region was mainly known for its corruption, drug, and violence. However, at the beginning of the 21st century, Latin American countries are willing to change their reality for a better future. In this regard, multiple states are impulsing innovation programs and the use of disruptive technology to increase their efficiency and provide better services to their citizens. Israel, a world-class leader in multiple sectors, including water management, agriculture, cybersecurity, and more, has the ability and the willingness to help these countries in their path to prosperity.

In this website, you will find articles regarding the history, the present, and the future of Israel with Latin American countries, including business opportunities. The possibilities for cooperation are endless!!!. You will also read about innovation, economics, and some politics of Israel and Latin American countries.

Enjoy your reading and thank you for your visit !!!

Uriel Hiskin Yuffe